"My daughter Eilis (9) has attended the Catherine Beatty Drama Academy for three years now and has moved into the senior class this term.  Eilis looks forward to her Saturday morning class with great enthusiasm and is full of excitement when she skips down the lane afterwards to tell me all about the fun she’s had.  Initially we decided to enrol Eilis in drama to boost her confidence, however since she joined Catherine’s class not only has she grown in confidence but the enjoyment and sense of fun that she now displays has really shaped her personality. Catherine is extremely patient and understanding and has a great way of nurturing the children and making the whole Speech and Drama class both an educational and enjoyable experience. Under Catherine’s direction Eilis has taken part in two Speech and Drama examinations under the RIAM - this involved reciting a poem, telling a story and enacting a mime.  From initial rehearsals to her final performance at exam we have seen Eilis’s confidence grow and the sense of achievement that this gives her is invaluable."
  ...Maureen Egan

"Maria has been attending the Catherine Beatty Drama Academy for just over a year. In that time, we have particularly noticed her grow in confidence in her performances and in her reading and interpretation of a script.  She has enjoyed all the regular weekly classes which she finds to be fun and friendly and she always comes out of them full of exitement for what they have been working on.  In particular, she enjoyed the preparation for taking the Royal Irish Academy examination, and her participation in the Dublin Feis Maitiu."  ...Richard Hallows

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